Some holiday fun with Lightstone

Lightstone Logo

Between 2015 winding down and 2016 popping up on us with barely any warning, we have to get through the holiday season. With the holidays, Lightstone (our good friends and CN&CO client) decided to have a bit of fun with their data in the form of  two pretty cool holiday themed articles.

The first looks at what type of car Santa Claus would drive (if, of course, his trusty sleigh were to be upgraded for something more modern.) By analysing various data sets available to them, Lightstone Auto came to a very interesting conclusion. The article, which has been published on, is really worth a read: What Car Would Santa Drive?

The second article saw Lightstone Property looking at the various South African Monopoly board games, and comparing property popularity and values, then and now. This is another great read just in time for the holidays: Business Tech – Lightstone Property – Monopoly.

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