Naturally what else would we do?

CN&CO is excited to announce an upcoming investment in the “eco-startup” NaturCast. Founded  in June 2015 by Michael Sparkes, Mathieu Van Goetham, Michael Laws and Alexander Dummer, the aim of the company is simple: to capture fascinating stories Nature tells and broadcast them to a global audience with the aim that viewers will be informed and inspired to take action. From short viral videos through to long term features, their programming will look at issues in conservation, sustainability and fauna and flora.

During a recent talk, Michael Sparkes commented that

“NaturCast is an online multimedia platform that’s as much geared for Eco-Activism as it is for entertainment. Aimed at mobilizing viewers to take action in their own lives towards man’s harmful impact on the environment.”

The four founders are spread between New York City in the USA and Johannesburg in South Africa. On home soil the team has recently secured a journalistic feature every Wednesday at 10 am on SABC’s Newsroom and are currently in talks to sell content to Reuters. To see some of NaturCast’s work take a look at their piece about John Hume, the rhino farmer or visit their Youtube Channel.

NaturCast also collaborates with EcoTraining, the pioneers and leaders in field guide training, to promote sustainability and responsible use of the environment.

The team at CN&CO believe in people who have passion and there is no doubt where NaturCast’s passions lie.