Education through Partnerships

The Bokamoso Education Trust was founded on a concept developed by several friends whilst living together at university. The funding model “provides a vehicle in which modest individual contributions are combined and mobilized towards the education costs of its beneficiary children“. From as little as R150 a month, people can contribute towards funding the education of a child across the country. To date, over 50 children benefit from the assistance of individuals and corporate sponsors.

Doug Laburn, head of Lombard Partnerships was an initial founder and remains active in the Trust today.

“Education is essential in uplifting the underprivileged youth of this nation and to provide them with an exceptional opportunity to not only improve their own livelihood, but to uplift that of their family and their community.” says Doug, and it is evident that he and Lombard believe in the vision of the Trust.

Last week at the Lombard Partnerships golf day organised by CN&CO, Lombard committed to matching any donation received in aid of the Trust at the event. All of the UMA partners and CNCO embraced the opportunity and pledged donations. We are proud to say we have partnered with Bokamoso and Lombard for the next year to contribute to changing the future of South Africa’s children. Have a look at what you can do and see how easy it is to help.