Gamification can help us to communicate better

When you play a video game it’s very easy to become super-engaged and ignore those around you in the real world. Some may even argue that playing video games can lead to anti-social behaviour. Why then is the word “gamification” on everyone’s lips, changing the way we think about communication in the business/office environment?

Can gaming really teach us lessons in improving our office space? The answer is YES!!

“The Future of Work – Gamification” was the topic of a recent talk that I attended at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) recently. We were privileged to listen and quiz two awesome speakers, Richard Warren-Tangney and Darryn van den Berg. Both provided valuable insights from some of the research they have done. Here are some of the key points that I took away from an insightful morning:

  • Gaming drives competition—how can we integrate this element into the office space?
  • Nurturing of human capital—people are arguably a company’s most important asset. Keep this in mind, especially during this technological age.
  • Can you define gamification? Here’s a definition used by Darryn: Gamification uses the stuff that makes games fun and irresistible and applies this measurably into non-game contexts, engaging players through feedback, FUN and friends.”
  • The key element that I took from Darryn’s definition was the emphasis that was placed on FUN! Logically, when you are having fun you are enjoying yourself and are engaged in whatever you are doing. Thus the trick is to make work fun, so that we are more engaged and thus produce more efficient outputs.

Boy did I learn a lot! It’s probably one of the reasons I struggled to write this blog. My head was so full of ideas that I didn’t know which ones to focus on.

So here are the two most important things that I took away from the session.

  1. Gamification is important. However, you shouldn’t try to gamify each and every thing that you touch or think of. Think about how it is going influence the end process or the desired outcome.
  2. FUN, if you can tie this into the meaning of work and get your teammates to be more engaged, the value that each individual brings to the organisation will significantly increase.

Open up your mind and try something new! Have a chat to a teenager who is a gamer; and most importantly have FUN!

P.S. Check out the game app 2048. Apparently as addictive as angry birds… I have yet to figure it out.