What gadget has influenced you the most?

As CN&CO’s “un-official” tech nerd, reading through Time’s latest piece about the ‘The 50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time’ definitely gets me excited. My gut instinct is to reach for my iPod Classic and play a beat (Frank Sinatra’s Fly me to the moon … for an afternoon balance). It amazes me how technology has evolved and developed through different periods of our lives, literally holding our hands through an array of experiences, be it work, the social scene, car, exercising, relaxing and learning! Taking into account this article from Times, my ALL TIME FAVOURITE GADGET is …

… nope not the iPhone (that’s a verrrrrrrrrrrry distant second).

Winner: The iPod (no hiding of the Apple-bias)

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 5.56.32 PM

Having owned about 8 different models (and now collecting them), the device reinvented music to the ear. Making it accessible, instant, on-the-go and versatile enough to be used in so many contexts – work, running, on holiday, dinner with friends, brainstorming, un-winding, I can go on …

Its also fascinating to go through the list and see links to how technology is tied into our business, clients and how we have and continue to do what we love each day… For instance:

Phantom drone

makes the list and my gut tells me that this is one device that is still set to change and transform the world, business and people operate. Just ask the team at iTOO;

The Nokia 3210

Still a classic and one has to think where would we be without cellular or smart phones? Ties to communication – a foundation to business and relationships.

The Amazon Kindle

It’s role in helping us access the vast world of literature and tied to one of the most effective habits you can do (and that we certainly believe in), reading (that’s why we love blogging).

Robotics Modem

Who can forget that spectacular and dialling tone to get connected? Where would we be today without the modem’s ability to connect us to the world wide web (and Facebook) ?!?! I still remember setting my first robotics up to the “lightning” speed of 56K!

Loved this piece by Times… So, what’s your all time favourite gadget? Tweet it to me.

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