Intellect: The ability to learn and reason; the capacity for knowledge and reason

Right there is the definition of “intellect”. So when we were introduced to a software company called Entelect, we were curious to see what it was all about. Having been suitably impressed, we are excited to announce that they will be a new client in the future!

Although we are only commencing “formal” work in June, we couldn’t keep this quiet any longer. One of South Africa’s leading software engineering companies, Entelect has been voted as the best company to work for by the Deloitte Annual Survey 2015. What this means to us is that at its core, Entelect truly cares about the people who make up the company. No two ways about it: if people don’t enjoy their working environment, a company could NEVER win the best company to work for in SA!

Entelect’s portfolio of work is impressive, including amazing projects for Discovery, FNB and closer to home, the EasyEquities platform. The Entelect team delivers solutions for mobile, business analysis, consulting and loyalty programmes to name just a few. Most South Africans have probably used their products without even knowing!


The Entelect Challenge harks back to the 1980s game Bomberman

We also love about Entelect’s commitment to giving back – from school level right up to a graduate perspective. Not only is the team keen on developing the software industry in South Africa formally, they host awesome events like the DevDay and Entelect Challenge, which will be showcased at the annual rAge Expo. Based on the 1980s Bomberman game, the challenge aims to attract  hobbyists and developers in the local community. The combined prize money is R200 000 so anyone looking to test their skills should definitely enter and get cracking!

While the title suitably describes the company’s business practices, we would like to add our own definition coupled with the formal definition:

Entelect: the ability to create amazing opportunities; the capacity to enrich lives and make a difference.