Innovation in travel – our latest article in Fast Company SA mag

Innovation and travel – two of our favourite things. That said, imagine our excitement putting together an article centred around both of those themes for Fast Company SA magazine.

If you ask Gabbi, she’ll tell you that it’d be difficult for her to pick her favourite article among those that she’s written for the mag, but this one is right up there competing for #1! (Ask her, she’ll tell you herself.)

Without giving too much away, we’ll share the intro with you:

“The travel industry is as diverse as it is intriguing. Innovation takes place daily and in many forms, big and small.

Take Airbnb, the cool kids on the block at the moment. The hipsters of the travel industry. (Well, before they became mainstream anyway.) Airbnb is a prime example of a game changer that flipped the travel space on its head. Its concept and business model got people talking. Engaging. Reacting. It shook up the industry.

Airbnb didn’t invent something new; it simply found a new way of doing something old.

THAT is innovation.”

Emirates (one of our favourite airlines), The Travel Corporation (who have some amazing travel brands under their banner, including our client and good friend, Contiki) and Dubai feature in the article. Gabbi also chatted to Ian Albert, Regional Director (Middle East) at Colliers, who provided interesting commentary around Dubai for the article. Colliers worked on the Dubai theme parks and Museums in the UAE, which is pretty epic.

The May 2016 issue of the magazine is out on shelves now, so be sure to head out and grab a copy at your nearest Exclusive Books.

The May 2016 issue of Fast Company South Africa magazine.

The May 2016 issue of Fast Company South Africa magazine.