Top 5 again in The Big 5 game

Big5 leaderboard

Hanging in there at #4

I keep seeing my name appear in the top 5 list on Big 5 Stocks. Not possible, I think to myself.

I’m a brand new mum to an eight-week-old baby who has made any major corporate job I’ve ever had look like a Sunday stroll! I think I’ve blow-dried my hair twice in two months, and that is not from a lack of vanity, but this 4,5kg bundle of flailing little arms requires my full attentions 24/7.

So what’s my secret? I picked my shares once at the beginning of the game based on my gut, and my gut bases its decisions on a plethora of information I’ve gathered via various media in recent months. I have stuck to the exact shares and not jumped around. So far it’s working. A great re-inforcer for the belief that investments need to be slightly more long term than otherwise. Ride the wave of your favourite brands, don’t jump ship as soon as the share price drops. Stick around and see the long term gain.

My favourite source of information on how and when to trade what comes from Blogs from the Easy Equities team and from GT Private Broking research from Mark Ingham.

Otherwise I simply invest in the brands that I love and use every day. MTN, Woolworths. Or in brands that I know are doing well globally. Rolls Royce, Rolex, LG.

It’s that simple.

Josie has a brilliant marketing brain, an infectious laugh and a heart of gold. Strong problem-solving skills, diplomacy and getting things done are among her many talents. She is also a brilliant mum to three gorgeous children.