BASA launches ArtsTrack No. 7

Business and Arts South Africa launched the BASA ArtsTrack No. 7 to its members at Hollard’s Villa Arcadia in Johannesburg this morning. BASA also used the opportunity to give an overview and update on its programmes. The team will be visiting Cape Town on 28 June and Durban in early July to launch the report in those cities.

“The ArtsTrack research is part of our extensive knowledge hub and is a powerful tool for our business members to use in maximising the shared value that successful arts-business partnerships bring,” says Michelle Constant, BASA CEO. “It is also an invaluable resource for businesses that are considering a move into arts sponsorship.”

Music is identified in BASA ArtsTrack No. 7 as one of the best alternatives to sport sponsorship. However, other areas of arts and culture also represent good options. As such, the report is an extensive and important resource across all aspects of business and arts partnerships.

“The report shows that, in the current economic climate, the arts offer a sustainable marketing, CSI and human resources sponsorship alternative, highlighting value not only to an organisation, but to society as well,” adds Constant.

For more information on how to purchase the full BASA ArtsTrack research (as a non-BASA member), contact Mandisa on 011 447 2295 or email