CN&CO’s fin-blog picks for week ending 15 July 2016

The CN&CO team reveal their favourite fin-blogs of the past week.

Kurt’s pick:
Pay your speeding fines easily
If like me, you sometimes go slightly faster than the speed limit, then check this site out in case you have outstanding traffic fines. Especially if you want to renew your driver’s license, as they won’t let you until they are all paid.

Gabbi’s pick:
Incredible Connection now offers cyber security insurance
South African tech retailer Incredible Connection is going beyond the simple hardware sales business. The company has announced that it will be offering cyber-security insurance “at no additional cost, for all internet-enabled products, across selected products.”

Gianluca’s pick:
Anonymous hacks Armscor website
The risk of cyber-crime continues to grow with the latest breach targeting arms supplier Armscor by hacktivists potentially linked to the Anonymous group.

Colin’s pick:
Large number of South Africans are saving informally
More than three-quarters of households surveyed in the 11th Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor make use of informal savings vehicles such as stokvels, burial societies, grocery schemes and unbanked cash savings.

Rob’s pick:
The CEO behind ‘Pokémon Go’ explains why it’s become such a phenomenon
How the new game is taking the world by storm.

Neo’s pick:
How many South Africans are living paycheck to paycheck
Not so much of a Fin-Tech, but just a thought on why South Africans are not getting the financial freedom and security they need.

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