Celebrating the awesome women in our lives

As we approach Women’s Day 2016, the CN&CO team has been thinking back over the past 12 months and reflecting on the amazing ways in which our young business has been influenced by the women in our orbit. The more we think about it, the more we appreciate the substantial impact women have played in getting us to where we are, both on a personal and professional level.

We also realise that to name them all would be nigh impossible – but here are a few women who have made a massive contribution in all of our lives:

  • Penny, Gabbi and Josie, CN&CO’s #girlpower team members and shareholders, who just get on with it, bringing massive skills and talent to the mix and keeping the boys on their toes at all times
  • CN&CO’s board chair Colleen Magner, who brings awesome insights and experience to our team and our business
  • Neo Matsei and Ivana Andric, CN&CO’s first interns, have added an extra dimension to the team and helped us to focus on learning and teaching as part of our day-to-day activites
  • Pat Hunter and Charmaine Koch at the Insurance Institute of South Africa, and Tracy McLaughlin of the Insurance Institute of Gauteng, a few of our “connections on the inside” of the insurance industry
  • Natalie van de Coolwijk at Willis Re, Margaret Nienaber and Yolisa Khoza at Standard Bank Wealth and Investment, and Christelle Colman at Europ Assistance … great relationships and lots to look forward to!
  • Lisa Henry, co-founder of the Jozi Film Festival, of which CN&CO is the official PR partner
  • Costumier Cat Swart, who helped us to our best-dressed victory at the 2016 insurance conference at Sun City
  • BASA CEO Michelle Constant, an eternal inspiration to everyone on the team, and a conduit for our links to the art world
  • Taryn and Barbara, our downstairs neighbours at YouBar
  • Dominique, Gina and Meghan for making sure Gianluca, Kurt and Rob and fed, clothed and in bed at a respectable hour every night

And to all the rest of our female family, friends, clients and partners – we wish you a happy Women’s Day! Thanks for being all that you are. Looking forward to celebrating each day going forward that we have you in our lives.