The Gauteng Women (Social Butterflies) In Insurance

The Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) recently hosted their August event entitled “Social Butterfly-Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Known” with guest speaker Emma Sadleir, a social media law expert. The event was sponsored by Innosys with the entrance fee for the event donated to Africa Teen Geeks, a non-profit that provides schools and communities with computer science training. MD of Innosys, Claire Wood, holds education as a cause close to her heart. Innosys actively engages with education initiatives aimed at teaching IT skills throughout the country, increasing computer literacy and competency for future generations.

GWII cupcakes

Innosys and the Social Butterfly

With permission from the GWII, part of the recap of the event has been re-posted below, but we encourage you to read the full recap on the GWII Facebook page.

“A social butterfly is at her element in corporate functions and large meetings, too. Her people skills are actually quite in demand by companies, who rely on her for networking or marketing. The skill of socialising is learned, through proper exposure and practice. Even the shyest person in the world can become a social butterfly through enough resolve, time and practice. “

With that being said, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted an event at The Venue in Melrose Arch on 11 August with the theme ‘Social Butterfly’ sponsored by Innosys.

Decked out in sneakers and skirts, in celebration of women’s month, GWII members were treated to canapés and drinks, while engaging in a discussion by guest speaker Emma Sadleir, Social Media Law Expert, on the dos and don’ts of social media.

The power of social media

“Social media sites have taken over our lives. It’s hard to even imagine that 10 years ago there was no Facebook or Twitter,” said Sadleir

“Social media has the power to unify voices, publicise important issues, and inspire the world. Yet as we enter into the decade of the Social Media age what are the rules? What are the protocols that govern how we should interact with Social Media and with each other when we are on it? She asked.

“When we look at social media, for example, there is no choice on what you do on social media but it is a question of how well you do it. Social media comes with disciplinary, legal and reputational consequences,” she continues.

Sadleir believes digital content is dangerous content. “Even though there are privacy settings, there is no privacy because this is a public platform.”

A big thank you to the GWII for providing pictures and permission to repost their content.