Feel like a healthy snack? Make Your Own with Nutreats

Our friends at Nutreats have come up with a fantastic concept to help us in our quest to live healthier lifestyles. Feige, Zissy and the rest of the Nutreats team is hosting a series of cooking workshops to teach health-conscious South Africans how to make simple, delicious snacks and meals that won’t go straight to your waistline or clog up your pipes!

“Make Your Own” is a series of hands-on classes themed around a specific ingredient or recipe. Workshops can accommodate up to 15 cooks, who each receive a box complete with all they need to “Make Your Own”.

“The idea of the classes is to teach people how to create easy, tasty and healthy foods in a variety of ways,” says Nutreats’ Feige Lewin. “On the other side of the coin, it’s also an interactive way for brands to market new ingredients or products to a targeted audience.”

Classes cost between R300 and R350.The first class in the “Make Your Own” series takes an old-school favourite – Rice Krispies.

For more information on Make Your Own, send an email to info@nutreats.co.za.

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