CN&CO & RMB & rowing

CN&CO recently started working with the marketing team at RMB’s Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) division.

“What drew us to the RMB CIB team was their collaborative approach to doing business,” says Carel. “Like us, they are into partnerships where everybody benefits, adding sustainable value and making a difference in the long haul.

“We also love that RMB CIB is about far more than profit. These guys really love people and do loads of great things to enrich the lives of everyone they come into contact with. They do amazing work with people at micro and macro level – from growing a food garden at their office in Sandton to giving millions to amazing charities.”

CN&CO’s links with RMB CIB centre around social media and PR, particularly where South Africa’s national rowing squad is concerned. The photo above shows a billboard at St Benedict’s School in Johannesburg that promotes RMB and rowing at school level. There are many more of these billboards at schools around the country.

Our affiliation with rowing in South Africa goes back many years and so when we met RMB’s Carolynne Waterhouse and got chatting about the rowers, we realised we were on to something.”

And so the “Thinking. Pulling. Together.” campaign was born.

“RMB CIB was delighted to align with the principles of rowing as a creative analogy for our business and advertising platform,” says Carolynne. “The idea of ‘Thinking. Pulling. Together.’ perfectly captures the spirit of winning, both in business and in rowing. Winning businesses and rowing squads require collaborative thinking, supreme teamwork, high energy, persistence and faultless execution of strategy.

“Like RMB, rowing in South Africa has seen huge local and international success. It is also embraces diversity, not only in terms of gender and race, but also when it comes to people with disabilities.

“The trickle-down value is amazing because we’re partnering a national squad worthy of celebration and seeing young people being inspired to get involved in a clean team sport. Rowing is really character-building and wholesome and is truly a sport that we’re proud to be associated with.”

Carolynne was recently featured in the “Coffee with Cover” feature in COVER magazine. Her profile piece, Success in Numbers, ends with a line that we love… “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”