Club Med: Best holidays, ever!

Part of experiencing Club Med holidays, is getting into the spirit of things and learning the Club Med lingo!

Villages: Club Med resorts – there are over 60 all over the world and we have no doubt that you will find the perfect one for you – whether you like ski or sun, romantic getaways or family extravaganzas!

At Club Med resorts you will hear these French terms…

CDV (Chief de Village): Chief of Village is the leader or supervisor at a Club Med village
G.O’s: Gentil/Gracious Organisers are there to make your stay comfortable
G.M’s: Gentil/Gracious Members are the guests visiting the villages.
G.Es: Gentil/Gracious Employees are the locally-recruited support staff such as cleaners and cooks.

The greatest reward you can give yourself, is to travel. It allows you to gain a new perspective and have a new experience. Luckily for us, our lifestyle business allows us the flexibility to take time to go and explore the world. Giving balance to work and travel.

A few CN&CO team mates (in fact most of us!) are familiar with the Club Med brand offering and know that going on holiday is more than checking into the most beautiful holiday destination, it is also about enjoying the overall experience.

Our client, Club Med understands this all too well with its all-inclusive holidays, offering the most unforgettable holiday experience that will have a G.M coming back again, and probably convincing a friend to give it a try!

“All-inclusive” is so extraordinary that it is often misunderstood. It offers refined comfort, all-day gourmet dining, stress-free journeys, services to take care of your children while you let your hair down and distress, and an array of world-class sports and activities fit for everyone to enjoy – all included in your booking. And when we say all, we mean, ALL! Whatever your reason to go on a holiday, Club Med is there to take care of your needs – no hidden costs and no additional worries. Check out a few signature elements.

Adding to this incredible experience, are the heart and soul of Club Med, the G.Os. Always there to make sure every vacation is fun and stress-free. This can be keeping the G.M’s children entertained and safe all day long, instructing a gym class, being a lifeguard at pool or even serving drinks at a bar, to name but a few.

G.Os receive all the necessary training to make them ambassadors that will uphold the company’s spirit and values (kindness, freedom, responsibility, pioneer, multiculturalism), regardless of their experience. They get moved around between Club Med villages where they get an opportunity to also experience the holidays in style. Although at work most of the time, G.Os get a chance to enjoy Club Med experiences, as if they are on holiday too.

Recently we have seen a success story of the first South African to become a CDV, Brendan van Zyl, who started off as a G.O and transgressed to a Club Med Chief of Village. Showing that there is an opportunity to grow and progress in this position. “It is humbling and a great honour for me to be the first South African in Club Meds’ 67 year history. Now more than ever, I am determined to be successful and to provide opportunities for fellow South Africans to take on this adventure.” Says Brendan.

Club Med is welcoming applications of anyone interested in a G.O position in any of the Club Med Villages. Giving you a lifetime opportunity to go on an adventure, meet new people, and perhaps learn a new language – all expenses paid.

The G.O positions are available in the following posts:

  • Golf pro
  • Fitness instructor
  • Circus go
  • Lands port
  • Costume design
  • Mini club go
  • Sound technician
  • Choreographer
  • Lifeguard
  • Technical services manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Chef de partie
  • Front desk/pr
  • Butcher

For more information on how to apply for the posts above visit the boutique: Offices 212 – 214 2nd Floor, Design Quarter Cnr William Nicol and Leslie Ave Fourways, or contact Club Med SA on: 0860 258 293