Unleashing creativity and personal branding with Le Social

We love a good news story, especially one that involves imagination, self-expression, and a touch of entrepreneurial spirit! Meet 19-year-old Layla Hanslo, a friend of Zaida Mia, Ami Underwriting Managers’ Executive of Operations.

Layla has a story that has impressed us, which is as colourful as a pack of custom stickers. While Layla braves the very scary and tough world of entrepreneurship, she also works a full time job at R&F Logistics!

Here’s more about Layla’s creative journey, in her own words:

From the moment I could pick up a crayon, creativity became my superpower. But it wasn’t just about doodling or painting pretty pictures; it was my way of expressing emotions, feelings, and appreciation for the people around me. Words didn’t always come easy, but creativity was my voice.

As I grew older, I was fortunate to be surrounded by some incredible role models who taught me valuable life lessons. They showed me the beauty of individuality, the importance of being genuine, the power of confidence, the pursuit of quality, and the path to success. They made me realise that in this vast world, our purpose is to help each other navigate the journey.

The birth of Le Social

Fast forward to today, I’m excited to introduce you to my brainchild – Le Social, also lovingly known as The Social Agency. While I’m still navigating the intricate waters of the business and marketing industry, I’ve been on a mission to gather knowledge and experience to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

Le Social isn’t just another run-of-the-mill marketing agency. It’s my vision of a place where personal branding takes centre stage. It’s about crafting and nurturing your reputation, leaving memorable impressions, and boosting your self-confidence. My ultimate goal is for Le Social to become a disruptor in the marketing industry while being a positive force for our clients and the environment.

Customised stickers: the first step to branding bliss

You might be wondering, “What’s the first step on this exciting journey?” Well, it’s all about custom stickers! Why, you ask? Because they are fun, convenient, and a fantastic way to create brand awareness through communication.

Imagine having stickers that embody your uniqueness, your essence, and your brand. Picture them adorning your products, packaging, or even your personal belongings. Each sticker tells a story, a piece of your brand’s puzzle, and it’s a conversation starter. With Le Social’s customised stickers, you can unleash your creativity and let your brand shine.

Get in Touch!

Your support will mean the world to me! Reach out and connect! Here are my details:

· Instagram: Follow me at leagencesociale and laylahanslo.

· Email: Drop me a line at leagencesocial@gmail.com.

· Phone: Give me a call or send a WhatsApp message on +27 81 409 4581.

Let’s embark on this journey together, where creativity knows no bounds, personal branding takes flight, and success becomes the norm. Le Social is here to make your brand truly stand out, one sticker at a time.

Stay tuned for more fun, creativity, and brand magic from Le Social – The Social Agency. Together,

Yours creatively, Layla Hanslo, Founder of Le Social