Doug Laburn, head of Lombard Partnerships

Doug Laburn joined Lombard in 2010 and took on his role as head of Partnerships in 2014. Doug has extensive experience across the supply chain and insurance industries, and holds a B Eng (Stellenbosch) and MBA (Oxford).

Doug is passionate about the UMA model and the obvious benefits it brings to the commercial and niche insurance space. He and his powerful team are dedicated to making Lombard Partnerships the best insurance partner for UMAs to align their businesses with. If Lombard Partnerships can be the best at supporting the UMA, it frees the UMA up to service brokers excellently, and do what they do brilliantly.

Doug has expressed this, as well as his dedication to delivering world class technology to support the business, in the many articles he is asked to comment on in the industry press.

Check out his latest interview on RiskAFRICA TV:

Doug is also a co-founder of The Bokamoso Education Trust, an organisation that enables people to support the schooling of disadvantaged children. Through the collective donations of individuals and companies, Bokamoso Education Trust activates the financial muscle needed to provide its beneficiary children with an education and gives these children the necessary start to their lives. Doug’s wife Gill is also involved in this NPO. Here’s how you can help.

When Doug is not working at Lombard or at Bokomoso, he loves spending time with his BFF and wife Gill. He is an avid runner of Comrades and has completed a few marathons. He finished the 2016 Comrades Marathon in a blitz-quick time of 07:50:56. Doug loves an ice cold beer and we have it on good authority that dinner parties at the Laburns’ usually end with their legendary dress-up box being put to good use!

While Doug may have authority at Lombard Partnerships, he certainly does not at home where his two leading ladies Gill and Anna rule the roost over him and his son Jack.

From CN&CO a big shout out to Doug Laburn: an amazing client to work with, fair, honest and open to being challenged.

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