Should you complete a survey and what is the point?

With the FIA awards coming up in June this year, the FIA has recently launched the survey through their partner Ask Afrika, the largest independent research company in South Africa. Already receiving a number of responses, the question to ask, is it important to complete these surveys?

Having recently joined the CN&CO team from the short-term insurance industry, Allan Bader, who came from a previous three-time winner of the Commercial Insurer of the Year, had this to say, “yes, I do believe it is important that the brokers in the industry complete the survey. It allows the insurers who deal primarily with intermediaries, which is what the FIA is all about, to know if they are performing well enough. The award is not the be all and end all of why you are in insurance but rather rewards the effort that you have put in. This ultimately gets passed along to the insured person. If you are a winner, it is a reflection of the entire company and not just the sales team. It includes the credit control and claims department among others.” He goes on to say, “even if you are not a winner on the night, the FIA does provide feedback to the insurers and lets you know where you scored well and where you can improve. With Ask Afrika conducting the survey this year, they will be providing an informative condensed copy of the results to members, this will be of value if all the intermediaries actually complete the survey as it will provide a holistic look.”

With the survey only taking 5-8 minutes of your time as well as being able to do it on your computer or smartphone, there really is no reason not to do it.

Be careful though, the survey will close soon.

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