Ted Talk Tuesday #142 – The Four Parenting Taboos!

Watching TED Talks is a popular pastime at CN&CO. We visit TED.com regularly to clear our heads, have a laugh or get inspired. TED Talks open our minds, spark new ways of thinking and can lead to some very interesting conversations. Each week we pick a favourite and publish it on a Tuesday, because we like how “TED Talk Tuesday” sounds. This week’s talk was posted by Josie. Here’s why she chose it:

‘Mum’s the word’ in my life right now, so watching this humorous talk by a husband and wife duo, who talk about parenting in a real and honest way, made me smile. I could so identify with the four parenting taboos that they have identified, if not personally then certainly via my circle of parent friends. Here are the four taboos. If you have children, or are thinking of having children, you really should use 17 minutes of your precious time to watch this TED Talk:

#1 You can’t say it wasn’t love at first sight

#2 You can’t talk about how lonely having a baby can be

#3 You can’t talk about your miscarriage

#4 You can’t say your average happiness has declined

Josie has a brilliant marketing brain, an infectious laugh and a heart of gold. Strong problem-solving skills, diplomacy and getting things done are among her many talents. She is also a brilliant mum to three gorgeous children.