Sharon Wakeford book launch September 2020

Walking the way in the Wonder and the Words – A virtual book launch

From time to time we feature guest contributors on our blog, allowing them to share their stories and adding to the diversity of voices we share.

Sharon Wakeford is an internationally accredited mediator and coach, who works in a wide range of settings and contexts, both inside South Africa and internationally. More than this, Sharon is a conversationalist, storycatcher, explorer, seeker, and learner. She loves to listen to, and tell stories, write, dance, laugh, and play. She is deeply drawn into the space of questions and reflection that invite people, herself included, into being a touch bolder, a shade braver, and a little different in ‘who they be’ and ‘how they do’. 

Over the last year we have featured a few of Sharon’s blogs that have covered a number of topics and stories. You can read each of them below:

A love letter to my housekeeper

In the sweat of the night

Palestine and parallels by Sharon Wakeford

Corona and the kitchen by Sharon Wakeford

Travels with a trolley, shopping in the time of Corona

Sharon is a phenomenal writer and person. We connected with her again last year when we attended an evening get together at the Blades, where Halls were hosting a leadership training session. Carel had been asked to emcee the evening where the Ndlovu Youth Choir, who had just returned from their America’s Got Talent Finale, were performing.

We are excited to share the launch of her next book with her and a few of the CN&CO team will be joining the virtual launch.

The book’s title is “walking  the way in Wonder and Wonders”.

If you’d like to attend the ‘baby shower’ (aka book launch), as Sharon has termed it, happening next week (Thursday 10 September) on Zoom, let us know and we can connect you. Alternatively you can email her directly at

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