Entrepreneurship in the spotlight on The Insurance Apprentice

Did you watch last night’s episode of The Insurance Apprentice, sponsored by our friends at Ami Underwriting Managers? No spoilers, but there were LOTS of edge-of-your-seat moments!

Last week’s episode left us breathless as contestants showcased their strengths and navigated intense challenges with grace and resilience.

Well, mostly.

This week, with the field narrowing and the stakes rising, the spotlight shifted to the crucial role of entrepreneurship in shaping the future of South Africa’s insurance industry.

Unleashing entrepreneurial potential

“Ami was delighted to sponsor the third episode of the current season of The Insurance Apprentice,” says Ami CEO Christelle Colman. “The episode delves into the realm of entrepreneurship – a favourite topic of mine! – emphasising its significance in driving growth and addressing the pressing issue of unemployment in South Africa.”

In episode three, contestants were tasked with developing innovative business concepts tailored for high-net-worth personal lines insurance. As the episode unfolds, contestants face the scrutiny of the dreaded judging panel, including head judge Simon Colman, co-judge Nox Dlamini, and sponsor judge Christelle.

“This challenge not only tested their creative prowess, but also presented a real opportunity to contribute to job creation and economic revitalisation,” says The Insurance Apprentice founder Rianet Whitehead.

With the guidance of industry experts and mentors, participants explored various business models, from direct plays to UMAs to brokerages, in an attempt to come up with the best solutions and ultimately stay in the competition.

“The episode highlights the importance of entrepreneurship as part of a broader commitment to driving positive change within the insurance sector,” says Christelle. “By promoting a culture of innovation and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, initiatives like The Insurance Apprentice serve as catalysts for economic growth and transformation.”


Sponsors play a key role in making the show the hit that it is.

“Our sponsors play a massive part in ensuring the ongoing success of the show and the role it plays in shaping the future of insurance and entrepreneurship in South Africa,” says Rianet.

Be sure to catch episode three of The Insurance Apprentice 2024 and share your thoughts on who you believe has what it takes to be crowned the ultimate apprentice. You can vote for your favourite contestant on The Insurance Apprentice website. The most popular apprentice by public vote will win R10 000. And if you vote for the most popular apprentice, you stand a chance to win R5 000 sponsored by Bryte Insurance.  

Watch episode three on YouTube, the TIA website or Facebook. New episodes are released every Thursday at 7pm.