The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck

We believe that TED Talks are the absolute bomb. Carel is such a fan that he attends the main TED event each year. He recently returned with some amazing stories and insights, which he promises to share with us soon!

But you don’t have to go to TED to enjoy the talks. We try to watch as many as we can, and share our favourites with our nearest and dearest. Here’s one we found this week that really spoke our language.

It was, of course, the provocative title of this TED Talk that made it so appealing at the outset, but the true appeal lies in its content. Sarah Knight tells the story of how she found herself tangled up doing things that made her miserable, before casting off the chains and reclaiming her soul.

It’s about balance, perspective, treating yourself kindly and, as the title suggests, a whole range of fucks that you should think carefully before giving. Check it out…