Travel begins at home

International travel is fantastic! All that world out there, how can you resist it? Team CN&CO certainly does like to get around the globe. Recently we’ve been to the European Champions League Final in Cardiff, TED Talks in Vancouver, skiing in the French Alps, trapeezing in Phuket, among others.

We’re even planning some “virtual travel” via EasyEquities’ #PlayInTheUSA campaign, which launches on Independence Day – 4th of July, baby! While we won’t be visiting the States, we will be buying American shares right here at home – Apple, Tesla, Berkshire Hathaway, Netflix and Coca-Cola are just some of the shares on offer.

If you’re thinking of doing some international travel, here’s some advice from the newest member of the CN&CO team, Lorraine Lamola: Itchy feet… it’s an actual thing, and you should want it!

Always remember this, though… we live in an amazing country with loads of fascinating things to do right in our own back yard. Jen Miller of Jen Reviews has put together a great list of her 100 best things to do right here in South Africa. So if you feel like doing a bit of exploring, learning more about our fabulous country, climbing a mountain, watching some amazing animals, or just chilling with a book, check out Jen’s blog. There’s bound to be something there that tickles your fancy.