Meet Julia. A 30 something. Julia is smart. Be like Julia.

Meet Julia. A 30 something. Like most of us, she has a boss, a job and a salary, but unlike most of us, Julia is smart with her money, and invests most of it with Satrix. Bruce Whitfield unpacks in the Sunday Times why Julia will be way richer than most of us for putting her financial future in the care of the clever people at Satrix.

Journalists from Moneyweb, Sunday Times, Just One Lap, Cover Magazine, Times Live, The Citizen, Business Day & Money Marketing all unpack why investing your money is the best thing you can do for your future, how the cost of investing is at an all time low, thanks to businesses like Satrix and how balancing your investments and choosing some international options all play a key role in a positive investing experience. Read about it all below.

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