Sanlam to pay R100 million for 30% stake in EasyEquities

There is an old economic adage that states, “Something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.” And so when a well-established financial services company like Sanlam Investments offers to pay R100 million for a 30% stake in the market-disrupting EasyEquities investment platform, you know exactly what it’s worth!

The EasyEquities brand was launched in October 2014 and CN&CO is exceptionally proud to have been around since the beginning.

“The Purple Group, EasyEquities’ holding company, was one of our very first clients,” explains CN&CO’s Carel Nolte. “It’s been an absolute joy and pleasure working with this innovative and exciting brand for the past three years, watching it grow into a serious investment platform with around 65 000 clients and R1,4 billion in client investments.

“We’ve always known that the EasyEquities brand is extremely valuable, and the Sanlam deal confirms this.”

EasyEquities will benefit from the deal through increased capital and skills, allowing it to continue along its path of aggressive growth in client numbers and an expanded product line for client benefit.

“EasyEquities provides a solution for all South Africans to access the financial markets, both here at home and – excitingly – also in the US,” says Purple Group CEO Charles Savage. “We look forward to announcing our international growth plans where the collaboration with Sanlam Investments provides invaluable insights, guidance and access to various jurisdictions.”

EasyEquities and Sanlam Investments are no strangers to partnering with the objective of improving access for investors. SatrixNOW is a direct investment platform and forms part of the leading passive investment brand, Satrix. The SatrixNOW platform is a white-label version of EasyEquities. With the recent launch of three new international Satrix ETFs on SatrixNOW, clients now have access to an increasingly diverse product set at low cost.

Says Helena Conradie, CEO of Satrix, “EasyEquities and SatrixNOW share the same innovative culture and the purpose of democratising investments for all South Africans. These are the only investment platforms in the country with no minimum investment amount, making them accessible to those with even the smallest of investments.”

Still not sure what all the fuss is about? Visit the EasyEquities website to see how truly easy it is to start your own investment portfolio at a very, very low cost.