CN&CO partners with Bokamoso Trust to raise awareness and attract donors

In 2006, seven young men, fresh out of university, lived together in a digs in Johannesburg. The domestic worker who lived on the property and helped manage the house, had a young son called Mathias. In 2007, the guys decided to start contributing to Mathias’s schooling. This was the start of what is now, 10 years later, a hugely successful organisation called the Bokamoso Trust that currently funds 63 children’s education.

The trust’s work is based on crowd funding. Each donor rallies together 16 friends, each of whom contributes R165 a month via direct debit. Together, the 17 donors will help to educate one child! The total (R2 805 per month) pays for a child’s education, transport and some extra mural support.

I buy a cappuccino every day. It costs me R20. If I just cut back on eight cappuccinos a month… I could educate a child? Wow. Reality check.

Once a month my sisters and I go for a manicure together. It’s 45 minutes where we can just be together and chat and have some girl fun. It costs R230 per treatment.

How much does a round of drinks cost these days? A round of golf?

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The point is, we spend this type of money so freely and easily, without really thinking. Imagine the possibility if every South African, like you or me, puts R165 aside a month for Bokamoso. We would be making a very real and valuable investment in the future of our country.

CN&CO will post a blog every couple of weeks giving some insight into how the Bokamoso trust operates, how its children are benefiting and how you can help.

For now we want to challenge you. Rally together 16 friends. Send us their names and details and we will set up a conversation with Bokamoso at our offices or your home, and you can sign up and start contributing. As South Africans we often feel so much is out of our control. Well, here is something that we can control, something that does make a difference.

A big shout out to Sean Steyn, Graeme Marais, Doug Laburn, John Holley, Warren Hoft, David Dampier (Doyle) and Graeme East for starting something amazing 10 years ago and for the follow-through that has enabled what is today the Bokamoso Trust.

Please take a moment to look at the Bokamoso Trust website. In particular, have a look at the videos of the kids and their parents and what your contribution means to them. If you are interested in contributing please email or 

Graeme Marias

Sean Steyn

Doug Laburn

Graeme East

John Holley

Dave Dampier

Warren Hoft


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