Social Media Trends for 2022

The GWI (Global Web Index) recently released the social media trends for 2022. Here are some key take-outs from the report that we found interesting.

Social media engagement has plateaued

Since Q2 2020, which boasted the highest figures for global social media usage, engagement has ultimately levelled off. More people are vaccinated and venturing outdoors – meaning more travel, spending less time on social media and less time scrolling.

TikTok is continuing to grow

TikTok has grown 32% monthly, since 2020, and this growth has (surprisingly) been a result of the engagement of GenX and Baby Boomers.

TikTok is a great space to see fresh content. Brands marketing on this platform need to ensure they are showing older consumers (to appeal to the GenX – Baby Boomer age category), as well as ensure their content is seen to empower viewers to “live their best lives”.

Video content is still king

Short-form video is considered the most popular form of video – however amongst GenZ’s, long-form video is the preference. Reels have seen a high increase in uptake and views, with a growing appetite for ‘How-to’ videos and vlogs.

Stories remain widespread, with 61% of users creating or viewing a story on either Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram – with Instagram as the preferred platform.

For a brand wanting to be seen, relevant and engaged with – this form of content should be a key feature in your social media strategy and plan.

Social buying via livestreaming and social shopping platforms is set to keep growing

Livestreaming isn’t a market exclusive trend, however South Africa (amongst 3 other MEA countries) are making significant jumps in this space, since Q1 2021.

Livestreams should be on the radar for any brand looking to engage an attentive and often impulsive audience, who are far more likely to list a social media “buy” button as a top online purchase driver.

Engagement with Facebook marketplace and Instagram shopping has also grown by 8% since 2020, and these channels are set to claim an increasingly bigger share of total ecommerce sales.

Each platform lends itself to social commerce differently, for example, Instagrammers are more likely to click on social ads, while Facebook users prefer to check out the platform. Brands with a presence on these platforms, who understand what drives their audience to make social purchases and use this data to shape their strategy, are likely to be amongst tomorrow’s winners.

Throwback content is a vibe among younger consumers

GenZ’s and Millennials make up majority of those who use memories feature on Snapchat and are 43% more likely to prefer reflecting on the past than looking at the future. This saw the introduction of “playback” on Instagram.

For brands to remain relevant and take part, featuring throwback events and memories, may bring on a sense of nostalgia with its audience.

It appears, simply having a social presence is no longer enough to ensure your brand is seen as relevant and engaging. Ensuring your content is informative, in video format and fit for platform is an area more brands need to be focusing their strategies and attention. And for those selling a product, enabling a purchase on platform, spells a recipe for success. 

To view the full report, you can download it here

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