Team CN&CO goes for a MAD run through Parkhurst

The MAD2Run Run-Thru @Hudsons, which took place yesterday evening in Joburg and Cape Town, attracted hundreds of runners and non-runners to raise funds for the MAD Leadership Foundation. Each run started at the Husdon’s burger joint in the respective city, and participants were treated to massive discounts on burgers and beers afterwards. Big up to Hudson’s and our partners at Purple Group, who also pitched in on the food and beverage front.

CN&CO was out in full force at the Joburg run, with the majority of our team hitting the streets in support of our mates Kurt Solomon, Allan Bader and Josh Nuttall. These three elite athletes (read crazy mofos) will be taking part in this year’s MAD2Run next month, when they’ll be running in relay from Joburg to Cape Town over 10 days.

Yesterday’s event was part of a fundraising drive that’s seen more than handful of events taking place over the past few months. (You can follow the guys’ training progress in Diary of Some MADmen.)

Carel in action. (He’s on the right. The other bright orange thing is an actual traffic cone)

For some CN&CO teamsters, the 5km Run-Thru @ Hudson’s was a breeze. Gianluca actually did an extra lap to get his Vitality points, while Rob did one (or was it two?) more rounds just for the hell of it. Carel, in his flaming orange top, did a great job of being a traffic cone, which helped keep the Parkhurst commuters from running anyone over.

There were also a couple of “new runners”, notably Neo, Colin and Rikus, who did a respectable job of the rather hilly route. Kudos to our fashionistas – Neo, Lorraine and Emi – who arrived at the end without as much as a single mascara clump, and to Blake for explaining how he manages his running and trail running regimen in Cape Town without surpassing his 50-litre-per-day water restriction.

Here’s what the teamsters had to say about the run:

Felt so lekker having my CN&CO family come support our @Mad2run fundraiser at the Hudson Burger joint in Parkhurst yesterday. Burgers, beers and a quick 5km with the team, the best team! You definitely couldn’t miss us with our red CN&CO caps, smiles and proper gees!

Big thanks to all my partners at CN&CO for coming through, really appreciate the support. #BlessedWithTheBest Much love!

This was my first “organised” running event ever, and probably the third of fourth time I’ve ever run 5km voluntarily. It felt good to be part of this incredible movement and to actually run most of the way. To paraphrase Madiba, you never think you can do it until you’ve done it.

Colin and Emi cross the finish line. Colin really put his heart into it!

Having not been exercising for a few weeks, I forgot how tough a “quick” 5km run can be. When your lungs are burning and your legs are shredded it’s very easy simply to give up; the hardest part is pushing forward.

In most of what we do, it’s the people around us who make us push a little harder, and yesterday was a perfect example of this. With Colin running beside me, the toughest hill never felt impossible to climb. Being able to support MAD2Run – particularly Bader, Kurt and Josh as they prepare for the main event – and being able to experience the camaraderie that went into yesterday was something really special!

In life (and in most of what we do), remember: It’s just a hill, get over it.


Contrary to the above I actually started late as I was waiting for my mate who did the original run with me in 2016. (Editor’s note: “Whatever”) Was lekker to see the turnout for the event, knowing that everything the Madsters do in raising funds for education actually does make a difference. A half hour in most people’s’ lives running through a suburb might not seem like much, but to the scholars who benefit from the bursaries and in turn the country that benefits from the scholars in the future, it all makes a positive difference.

Being part of MAD2Run’s #Team18 meant I couldn’t run yesterday, but watching the enthusiasm of my CN&CO teammates put a massive smile on my face. The non-regular runners of the team were just as stoked to be out there playing their part as the super-fit athletes. A fun evening out on the road, quickly followed by a fun night at Hudsons over a few refreshments, which is what we do!

I did something out of my comfort zone – showed up and did the damn thing! And such a gratifying feeling to push yourself to the limit.

Rikus and Meghan in good spirits

Doing stuff with people – especially things that are outside their comfort zone or things that they’d not normally do – helps to start conversations and build bonds between people. Shared experiences such as yesterday’s run not only strengthen relationships but also have the potential to spark an interest that may (or may not) lead to personal growth. Only good things can come from this type of interaction.

Thanks to Kurt and Al for the invite. It was great that everyone did it – both those who run regularly and those who have never run before.

My highlight was being able to shower after my run without stressing about the water restrictions. Running for me is about getting out and clearing your mind, sometimes its running on your own watching the waves crash (OK rubbing in that Cape Town has great views) and other times its about spending time with friends and inspiring people, and for me the Hudsons MAD run was just that, spending quality time with my colleagues and friends while raising money and awareness for a good cause.

We’re in the lifestyle business. This requires working (extra) hard, making a difference and (ALWAYS) taking into account WHO we do it with – family, friends and new people.

#MAD2Run reinforces this. Not only is it amazing to see the energy and passion vested into this event and cause, but seeing Kurt and Allan get involved, Rob a previous runner supporting, and the team behind the cause, that’s magic! Well done to all and we’re behind you the whole way 🙂

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