Episode 3: Where were YOU at noon on Thursday?

Unless it is for our confab sessions or annual team meetings, the CN&CO team is hardly ever at the same place at the same time; otherwise who would be making the magic happen?

A little ritual we have adopted is to request all team mates to drop their WhatsApp location and let us in on what they are busy with. This is a way of touching base with what everyone has on their plate. The WhatsApp pin drops are as diverse as they can be showing just how much magic we are spreading all around.

Today, 15 March 2018 was no different.

Always quick with his fingers, Chief Senor Carel was the first to drop his pin. At the time, Carel had just come from a meeting with partners Satrix and Easy Equities. Before heading to FIA, he was chatting to our recruiting specialist about new opportunities for our clients.

Digital nerd, Neo was holding the fort at CN&CO HQ making social media magic and pumping out blogs.

Allan had just wrapped up at ITOO and was making his way back to HQ.

The office energizer bunny, Gianluca was in Roodepoort at Integrisure for a catch up session with FIA’s Lizelle Van Der Merwe. Probably sick of Joburg traffic, G is thinking about buying a house in Roodepoort.

Emi, Lorraine and Rob were all about our partner Ince today.

  • Emi was en route to Selwyn Segal to pick up a gift.
  • Lorraine was based at Ince HQ immersed in CRM database and learning how to use the Zoho cloud software.
  • Rob had just landed in Durban to overlook the General Manager’s farewell gala.

Events guru, Rikus was at Makro buying social lubrication aka drinks ahead of our first confab session in 2018 which is on Monday featuring the fabulous Mrs Ntombi Langa-Royds.

In Cape Town, Blake was hanging out with hipters and catching up with a friend from Momemtum head office. He was also making FIA magic ahead of finalizing FIA partners for 2018.

In Durban, Josie was at home looking after her beautiful babies and extended members of the team. Josie welcomed her second daughter, Frances ten days ago and we are told she’s the most peaceful little soul ever…  (say it with me, Aaawww:) )

Word nerd, Colin is off for a week on holiday to celebrate numerous family birthdays. Today he was in Beaufort in the Eastern Cape exploring abandoned railway tracks with partner, Gregory.

Kurt was at Discovery to check out their new canteen and new phase of their epic building. They have their own Woolies, Vida, Sorbet, Starbucks, hair salon, gym, basketball courts, running track and soccer pitch on the roof and and and. You literally don’t have to leave work, very clever. Now back to GT 247 for a deposits and withdrawals process meeting, then the IIG inauguration dinner tonight, representing CN&CO and helping Neo with some content for her institute/ client social media channels.

Another day of grinding from the CN&CO team. Until another pin drop, we will continue making magic behind the scenes.