Where were YOU at noon on Thursday? (You could almost hear a pin drop)

The CN&CO team is always out and about, getting on with our #lifestylebusiness and making things happen all over the country.

We sent out a request for a WhatsApp pin drop from everyone on the team at noon today, 25 January 2018, to see who was where and what they were up to. The answers were (as expected) diverse and interesting.

Rob, Josie and Emi were at home:

  • Josie at her home office in Durban
  • Rob because he started at his desk at home early in the morning and had built up an uninterruptible momentum. Plus he was probably still in his pyjamas.
  • Emi was at home recovering from a nose job. (JK – it was a deviated septum, but we like to tease her.)

Blake was on his way back to his home office in Cape Town after a meeting with the incredible Brownie Points team, who connect people who want to do charitable work with people and communities who need it. (Have you signed up yet?)

Carel and Kurt were at Purple Group, making magic happen at one of our amazing partners.

Colin, Ronald, Wendy and Tracy raising a glass to relationships in the insurance industry

Gianluca was at So Yum Hyde Park – another one of our amazing partners – waiting for Carel to join him for a meeting. Gianluca was, in fact, uncharacteristically early. There was probably some tech mixup between his fancy watch and his Google diary. It certainly wasn’t because traffic was light.

Colin was at the City of Joburg office in Sandton getting an account query sorted out, before heading to Hyde Park for a working lunch with a group of amazing insurance folk – Tracy McLaughlin from GIB (newly appointed MD of GIB Risk Services!); Wendy van den Heever of AIG (marketing supremo); and Ronald Gall of Global Choices (no introduction necessary).

Lorraine was at yet another of our amazing partners, Europ Assistance South Africa, where she was adding her special brand of CN&CO value to an incredible business.

Neo, Allan and Rikus were at HQ shooting a video that we can’t wait to see!!

Our amazing admin goddess, Penny, was collecting her granddaughter from school, which is what she does every day at around the same time.

An incredible day filled with incredible people doing amazing things – proving that it’s not important where you are or what you’re wearing, but who you’re with and what you’re doing … together.