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Your 2020 holiday guide!

Being able to travel is an amazing opportunity. It allows you to meet new people, see different spaces/places and get a different view of the journey of life.

Travel doesn’t necessarily mean hoping on a plane and while it is hard to replace the real deal. Reading, watching featured films or allowing your mind to be stretched through thinking can take you to amazing places.

At CN&CO we firmly support the benefits, experience and exposure that travelling provides and over the years our associates have been fortunate enough to travel to multiple destinations around the globe and locally – from many domestic flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town or Durban; team trips with Club Med (read about our trips here); exploring Lebanon; hiking mountain trails in Spain; touring Amsterdam and loads more.

In 2019 we enjoyed working with the Travelsure team at Old Mutual Insure. As a leader in the category leader they are actively learning more about the travel insurance category in South Africa. You can learn more about Travelsure in this Smart Conversations episode with Magcino Gule.

Speaking of travel, forward planning and maximising your holidays… head over to Club Med and register for their season opening sale to be first in line when it opens.

So, stop wondering how you can make your leave work for you and check out how to maximise your vacation days with the guide below.

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