A new digital home and the next Insight instalment from the FIA

It has been an energetic and optimistic start to 2018 for our partners at the Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA). The FIA is proving that to remain relevant, it needs to be agile, flexible and able to adapt to new environments speedily. Part of the work the CN&CO team has been doing with the FIA is helping to create a refreshed approach to the FIA Insight magazine and website (pictured above) – two key communication pillars for helping members stay informed and in the know.

FIA Insight magazine

January kicked off with a new look and refreshed take on the FIA Insight magazine. The March 2018 Insight magazine has since been published (pictured left). The issue focuses on the FIA people – both within their head office team and the many dedicated volunteers who ensure the association’s upward trend.

A new digital home

Part of its renewed focus on the importance of communication and staying informed, the FIA has recently updated its website.

The new site takes a refreshed approach into a modern day site that is accessible through all devices and platforms.

The site packages the purpose of the FIA while placing a core focus on news and other content via a blog.

Some of the new features include:

  • An updated news section – keeping members and readers informed with the latest news from the financial planning, healthcare, employee benefits, short-term insurance, long-term assurance and general association news.
  • Events calendar with dates, details and upcoming FIA-related happenings
  • Membership information
  • And a soon-to-be-released Member’s Lounge portal containing member-specific material and communications.