Still a strong investor favourite – Satrix 40 ETF

Satrix is a pioneer in the South African index-tracking landscape having launched South Africa’s first ETF. Driving true democratisation of the stock market has always been a core Satrix value and this something that we, too, are passionate about. Having worked with Satrix over the last few years, we have got to know the whole team. Strong leadership, diversity, and an emphasis on culture are just a few of the characteristics that help drive their continued high performance.

Howzat… it’s a hat trick! The Satrix 40 is still South Africa’s favourite ETF. This ETF alongside the Satrix RESI ETF, and the Satrix INDI ETF, received accolades at the South African Listed Tracker Funds “SALTA” Awards which were held at the Joburg Stock Exchange earlier in March.

A bit about SALTA

Four independent service providers to the South African Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) industry, namely Refinitiv, Profile Data, JSE and, have instigated annual awards made to the issuers of ETFs in South Africa.

The awards recognise the leaders in the burgeoning ETF industry for:

  • The best total investment returns for 3, 5 and 10 years in various categories
  • The efficiency in tracking the indices which an ETF benchmarks
  • Tradability
  • The raising of new and additional capital on the JSE
  • An award for the “favourite ETF” chosen by popular poll

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ETFs in South Africa, 20 awards in total were presented: Satrix received 7, ABSA 6, Coreshares 3, 1nvest 2, Ashburton 1 and Sygnia Itrix 1.

Refinitiv, Profile Data, JSE and etfSA are the four independent service providers to the South African ETF industry who have coordinated these annual awards to recognise ETF issuers in various categories.

Satrix wins big at SALTA 2020

The Satrix 40 ETF was awarded “THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE” for the third consecutive year.

Here are the seven awards that Satrix received at SALTA 2020.

  • The People’s Choice for the favourite ETF among the investing public  – Satrix 40 ETF
  • Best Total Return Performance, SA Equity, 10 years – Satrix INDI ETF
  • Best Total Return Performance, SA Equity, 3 years – Satrix RESI ETF
  • Best Trading Efficiency, SA ETFs, 3 years – Satrix RESI ETF
  • Best Capital Raising, SA ETFs, 1 year – Satrix 40 ETF
  • Best Capital Raising, SA ETFs, 3 years – Satrix 40 ETF
  • Best ETF Issuer for Capital Raising, 3 years – Satrix Managers

Along with many other investors, our Carel Nolte is advocate of ETFs. They can help investors to diversify their portfolios and navigate market risk.

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The Satrix and EasyEquities team celebrate Satrix’s performance at the 2020 SALTA Awards

Congratulations to the entire Satrix team and THANK YOU for all that you are enabling by democratising investing.

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