When life throws you a curve ball, be covered!

Sometimes (well, a lot of the time) things in life don’t go as planned and we’re thrown a curve ball or two. About 10 weeks ago, our Gianluca Tucci experienced this first hand (well, rather ‘first foot’). After a freak moment/accident our energiser Italian character was left with a multiple right foot fracture, an op and long recovery. However, with the right cover in place and an excellent (FIA) broker like Barker there was a silver lining…

It’s no mystery that insurance plays an integral role in every touch point of our lives. In a single moment or incident, your ability to do work or carry on with your daily routine can be hampered. Not only do you face time off, but this can have an effect on your business and finances.

For Gianluca, temporarily losing the ability (for over 10 weeks) to use his right foot was nothing short of horrible. The foot injury was a comminuted lisfranc injury (with multiple fractures in his metatarsals) which meant a lengthy op and time off of work, sport and his usual life routine – the equivalent of prison for Gianluca!

Thanks to our chief, Carel Nolte he insisted that CN&CO take out an accident and health policy through our broker, Barker Insurance Brokers. The cover (underwritten by Hollard Insurance) covers both employees and the business against the costs of injuries. This could include death, permanent disability, temporary total or partial disabilities, plus any associated medical expenses. These are all covered by the group personal accident cover that Hollard Accident & Health provides.

In addition, it’s good to know that the claim and settlement process can be “easy” IF you submit and collate all the relevant information in the proper way, as well as have a brilliant broker, like Barker. Gianluca who is passionate his project management reaffirmed this by making sure all the info and documents were submitted to Barker for his claim.

He says, “when completing the claim form and submitting the details of the incident and injury, be sure to keep track of ALL the info and details up front (incident of events, DR input, all the documents and details for the claim form, a record of all your out of medical aid expenses (including receipts)). Especially in a difficult time, this helps you to make sure you are organised and are able to submit all that is required for your broker and the insurance company during the claim and settlement process.”

A big thanks in particular must go out to Angela Somerville (Claims division) and Lily Howard (who heads the Claims Division) at Barker for their incredible service and assistance during Gianluca’s injury.