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“Solidarity is so important that it represents the basis of many other human values, such as friendship, companionship, loyalty, or honour. It allows us to feel sentimentally united to those people who are supported.”- Secretary-General of the United Nation

Through collaborative efforts, our nation, its people and organisations have united by offering to assist in confronting this current crisis, and the Solidarity Fund is a vehicle that has been established to facilitate these honourable and selfless efforts.

Solidarity is an important value for any society, as well as for the entire global community. It is a quality that is based on equality, inclusion, and social justice through the recognition of a set of common, universal values that characterise us as human beings with dignity.

The aims of the Solidarity Fund are to:


Prevent the spread of the infection by supporting campaigns and communication measures to flatten the curve. Find Out More


Detect and understand the magnitude of the disease through the supply of testing kits and research. Find Out More


Care for those in hospital or medical care by ensuring a supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).Find Out More


Support those whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic through the support of feeding and shelter programmes across the country.

Shortly after the fund was constructed our Blake Dyason, a co-founder of Brownie Points, was contacted to discuss a partnership to help connect companies and citizens who might not be able to contribute financially to the fund but have capacity to volunteer time and skills or even have product and goods to donate like food and clothing for those in need.

Brownie Points is a digital partner for NPOs and social impact organisations, giving them a dashboard to set goals, manage support and pull reports. This interface makes it easy for people to support causes.

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Posted by Brownie Points on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Donate to the solidarity response fund with Brownie Points here.

A few of our other partners have also set up initiatives to contribute to the Solidarity Fund, read about them here.

South Africans unite through Solidarity Fund

Invest and support the Solidarity Fund with EasyEquities

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