Plantronics headsets around the country

We took some time to catch up with all the diverse individuals that are powered by Plantronics South Africa, to see what they’ve been up to and how they are using their headsets to improve their training, lifestyle and general day to day activity.

Shredbetty’s girls

“Grateful to have sponsors like Plantronics making everything more fun whether it’s doing training in the gym, doing never ending stairs, rock climbing or just getting race ready 👌”


What I love most about my Plantronics Bluetooth headphones is a can listen to my music as loud as I like, jump up and down like a hooligan without the neighbours complaining.  Added bonus, no pesky wires hitting me in the face either.


Some quiet time to get into the zone before the final GXCC race with my set of Plantronics.


Taryn killing it at the gym today – locked and loaded with her Plantronics headsets making the job that much easier.

To add to the fun….

KTM Durban held a bike night last night, they will be having this weekly in their store where ppl come for once off specials and prize giveaways.

We gave away a set of the Plantronics headphones by having a dart competition, everyone got to throw one dart and whoever got it closest to the bulls eye won, and Aimee an 11yr old beat all the ladies

Essie Aesthetics 

Essie Aesthetics ran a social media competition that included 1 month of free online coaching and a pair of BackBeat FIT headsets. Now how is that for a fitness motivation….

Athletes are absolutely loving training with these headsets as they are cordless, easy to carry around and hassle free! Not only is Essie Aesthetics the place to for specialised coaching, but the man behind the brand, Stefan Essie is proudly powered by Plantronics.

Josh Nuttall 

During a recent work/travel trip to Club Med Bintan Island, my Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2’s were one of the first things that I packed in my hand luggage. Why you may ask? Well, if you have ever travelled with a set of noise cancelling headphones that answer will speak for itself…if you haven’t you really need to grab a set of Backbeat Pro’s. The noise cancelling feature is a game changer, allowing you to block out the noise of aeroplanes engines and any screaming babies that may be seated near you on the plane. Traveling becomes a breeze, when you know that you can pop you Backbeat Pro’s on and enter into your own little bubble.

Rob Christian 

Wearing my Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headsets in the office, thanks to their noise cancelling feature allows me to not get distracted by other conversations and the general business that takes place in the office space. They are a way better version of ear plugs – I can shut the noise out while still listening to sweet tunes. They have also helped me to have meetings around the world over zoom and listen, with clarity to the other people in the meeting.

We even spotted a pair of BackBeat Pro 2’s on the Emirates flight to Singapore while Emi and the rest off the CN&CO team were on their way to Indonesia for their holiday at Club Med Bintan Islands. 

Now that’s what we call an international brand!

Tell us how you are loving your Plantronics headsets and where in the world your headsets have accompanied you to – snap a picture of yourself with your headsets, share this with us on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to tag Plantronics_SA in your posts.