Ben Lim comments on Mauritian relations with Asia

Ben Lim, also known as York Shin Lim Voon Kee, is a partner of ours. He is an astute businessman and film buff. He is the CEO of Intercontinental Trust Mauritius and he sits as a director on a number of organisations. He recently contributed to a story that was published in print and online in the South China Morning Post on the relationships between Mauritius and two Asian nations doing business with the island: China and India.

“Mauritius’ ties to India are historic, but China is key to its future. The island has to ‘play its diplomacy very carefully’ in a region superpowers see as strategic,” writes Hilary Clarke for the paper. This is in reference to businesses using Mauritius as a gateway to Africa, something Ben understands well as Intercontinental Trust can assist businesses with exactly that.

The article explores India and China’s relationships with Mauritius, it shares what has happened recently in these relationships, and it shares some information on planned developments in these relationships and on the island.

When asked about how Mauritius is balancing its relationships with these two nations Ben shared a positive outlook on how Mauritius is able to balance expectations of country superpowers and how well locals are living together:

“We have to play it well,” he said.

“We are a friendly nation. All the communities live peacefully on this island. We don’t have any problem with any superpower. All the big embassies are present here,” he added.

Read the full article here.