Record results for Purple Group

Purple Group, the holding company for EasyEquities, EasyProperties, EasyCrypto, RISE, EasyCredit and a whole lot of other Easy entities, has issued its interim results for the year ending 29 February 2024. And they’re quite staggering!

It’s coming up for 10 years since CEO Charles Savage and co. launched the low-cost investment platform, EasyEquities. In that time they have built an investor base of over two million people in South Africa, with close to one million active investors.

“Most of these people are young, so we see great growth prospects ahead in the future,” says Charles.

The record results include a 29,3% increase in group revenue (34,9% increase for EasyEquities) and a reduction in operating expenses.

Says Charles, “Our journey began with a vision deemed by many as unattainable. Yet, here we stand, nearly ten years later, not merely surviving but thriving and pioneering a movement. We are reshaping the financial landscape of our nation, fostering financial empowerment and literacy for all. This purpose has been the cornerstone of our journey, far transcending the mere creation of a platform.”

The interim report talks of active client growth, growing customer assets, deepening engagement, resilience, the Thrive programme and the group’s ability to leverage scale.

“Our achievements during this period… underscore not only the Purple Group’s significant progress but also the resilience of our remarkable community,” says Charles. “They validate our bold decisions to expand, collaborate or acquire new products and access new partner distribution channels, rewarding all stakeholders who have placed their trust in our team to execute the group strategy with autonomy and agility.”

Check out the Purple Group’s financials

Here is an engaging and informative video interview with Charles and financial journalist Giulietta Talevi. In the video, the duo discuss the history, growth and future outlook for business:

Congrats to Charles and the whole Purple team for producing such incredible results in a tough market. Looking forward to what the next 10 years bring…