CN&CO #SharingTheLove: An evening with Jozi Cats & Bokamoso Education Trust

Apart from the work we do with our awesome clients and partners, CN&CO is also involved in a number of projects and organisations that make a big difference in the lives of many people.

Over the next few weeks we will share some of these with you and invite you to join us in uplifting the individuals and communities involved in these projects…

At CN&CO, we are not afraid to take on a challenge no matter how big or small – as long as it serves a greater purpose and adds value. We believe that passing on good deeds spreads positivity, and can ultimately foster a more caring society. We love it more when it’s done through partnerships and collaboration or even crosslinking of organisations – the impact is even greater!

We were recently invited by our favourite touch rugby team, Jozi Cats – an inclusive rugby club that is passionate about rugby and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights – to join them in a fun-filled pizza evening at Panarottis Cresta in aid of raising funds to help their coach, Marcus Nkwane attend the Touch Rugby World Cup in April. 10% of the sales made from the evening would go toward this initiative.

Jozi Cats Rugby Club

Jozi Cats was introduced to CN&CO through Waylon Smit, who works in the marketing team for our partner, Purple group – a listed financial services company voted #1 online stockbroker by the Financial Mail/Intellidex/Investor’s Monthly. Waylon is a team member of Jozi Cats Rugby Club.

Marcus, has been fortunate enough to be selected into the South African men touch rugby team that will represent South Africa at the International Touch Rugby World Cup in Malaysia, on 28 April – 4 May 2019.

The World Cup brings the best Touch players from around the globe to decide who is World Champion!

The chosen players are required to raise the funds themselves, to pay for their own travel costs – including accommodation, kit, coaches and any pre-tournament camps.

Learn more: Touch Rugby champion fly’s SA flag high

To help Marcus realise his dream, we invited Bokamoso Education Trust children and parents and treated them to a great evening of pizza and pasta. Served by the Jozi Cats, proudly dressed in their club jerseys.

Bokamoso is another initiative we love and support, that is changing the course of lives of underprivileged youth through education. Providing them with necessary financial support for an excellent education, as well as support through mentorship for each child.

Bokamoso guests enjoying a pizza night

Hosting Bokamoso guests was our Neo Matsei. The evening turned out to be a special one. The parents and children had a load of fun and were greatly thankful.

Neo with Marcus and Bokamoso Child, Caitlin

Every day we find ourselves presented with opportunities to pass forward some good that’s been done in our lives. If you’ve been wondering how you can make an impact in someone else’s life, you don’t need to look any further!

#PlayYourPart and contribute to making Marcus’ dream of attending the Touch Rugby World Cup a reality. Read more on one of the ways he is raising funds here.


Help at least one child get excellent education and mentorship through Bokamoso Education Trust. By donating as little as R200 a month you can give a child a fair chance at education and turning their dreams into reality. To do so, visit Bokamoso Education Trust website or contact Bokamoso CEO, Cathrine du Toit on to find  out what you can also do to help.

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