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Podcasts: the future economy and adapting

Making the time and space to think is crucial. There are a few habits that I am working to implement in to my routine in an effort to make me more mindful of the way I am making decisions. In short, its connected to deep thinking and being clearer in the way I think.

The digital space is ever evolving and with algorithms changing daily on many of the platforms that bid for our attention when we are in front of a screen, one needs to consciously allocate thought space to stay ahead of the curve.

Do you think we have all the answers for what lies ahead in our future?

I recently re-watched a Ted Live session from this year’s TED conference which was built around the theme of “Bigger than us”. The session’s title is “possibility”, a few of the speakers raised provocative ideas and led me to think deeply about my thoughts/concepts. I enjoy being challenged and see a challenge as a positive thing, because it means someone has taken the time to evaluate my thinking.

At an event last week, I heard Adrian Gore speak about positivity and it highlighted for me the role that mindset plays in solving problems. Being open to different ideas is essential to adapting to the future economy and evolving.

This week’s podcasts cover a range of topics, with the central theme being the future and what it may look like. From artificial intelligence to the circular economy. Have you ever considered the lessons that we can learn from biology – biomimicry is fascinating. Things are changing and we have an exciting opportunity to adapt.

Oh, and do yourself a favour, if you haven’t yet checked out RMB’s Solutionist Thinking podcast series… do so. The latest one in the series Bruce Whitfield sats down with Wits Maternal Foetal Medicine Centre’s Professor Ermos Nicolaou to talk about his role in groundbreaking spinal surgery.

A few interesting reads from the week that are worth your time.

Have a great week!

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