#StrongerTogether, Love our trails volunteers pick up 120 bags of litter at the K-Way Noon Gun Cleanup.

In 2018 CN&CO partnered with Shoprite and Brownie Points to host Africas Biggest Cleanup. This past weekend CN&CO colleague Blake Dyason was at it again.

Blake Dyason founded Love our trails in 2015 and has been bringing the trail community together in an effort to build a trail culture that cars for and protects our environment.

This past weekend Blake hosted the K-Way Noon Gun Cleanup bringing over 40 passionate volunteers together who picked up over 120 full bags of litter in just 3 hours. It was literally a truck load of litter.

I started hosting cleanups at the Noon Gun in 2017 after being embarrassed by the amount of litter on a morning trail run. The Noon Gun is the oldest living tradition in Cape Town and attracts tourists every day.

I have become more and more attached to this place as we slowly clean it up, it offers the most incredible views of Table Mountain, Robbin Island and the City bowl. The Noon Gun been fired daily since 1806 as a time signal.

Sadly their doesn’t seem to be any maintenance plan to clean the area up and maintain and preserve this history, so we rely on organisations like Love our trails to clean and protect these areas said Blake.

Well done to all the volunteers who joined hands and helped at the K-Way Noon Gun Cleanup.

Blake brings a lot of energy, passion and heart into everything he does. He is extremely passionate about our country, it’s people and the environment. He is based in Cape Town and is happiest when he is running around exploring the beauty of the mountains.