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Podcast: understanding plain sight…

Fast cars, racing tracks, tight corners, turbo, horse power, talented drivers and nerves of steel.

Just a few of the things that may pop into your head when you watch cars racing round a race track. But is this really everything that goes into racing or are we only thinking about the things that we see in plain sight?

What happens when we dig deeper and ask questions of the broader system?

My fascination with racing isn’t only watching the skill of the drivers as they reach crazy speeds going around the track, but rather understanding the intricacies of all the pieces that go in to making racing cars able to move as fast as they can. All the components that aren’t in plain sight – the technology that drives the engine, the composition of the tyres, the braking power of the brakes, and the mental training that drivers expose themselves to – are all pieces of the bigger picture and plan a significant role.

Thinking about this more broadly, how much do we take for granted because we only consider that which is in plain sight? Don’t judge a book by its cover and consciously seek to understand the underlying inputs into the broader system.

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