Where were you at noon on Thursday 2 January 2020?

The CN&CO team really are all over the place – geographically speaking, that is! It’s part of our lifestyle business approach: being able to work wherever we are and finding a balance that helps us and our partners to succeed in all areas of life. Here’s where we were at noon on Thursday 2 January 2020 – Klein Nuwe Jaar for some, final days of holiday for others and the first work day of 2020 for a few! This month’s day was picked by Carel – here’s what he and the other CN&CO family were doing at noon.

It’s the start of a new year. A new decade! And with 2020 being a leap year, we also have an extra day to make a difference. I chose 2 January for this month’s “at noon” blog because many of the CN&CO family are still on holiday – and I was hoping we could showcase some diverse locations. Let’s see!

Joshua had a busy year working with, amongst others, the Ndlovu Choir – assisting with their social media and PR. Who can forget the tremendous success this fabulous had on America’s Got Talent – and the massive national pride they instilled?! We hope you bought their first album – you won’t be sorry! Joshua is also involved with Imagined Earth, a company set to make big waves in the environmental, circular economy world. And let’s not forget his work with CIB, Econorisk, CN&CO’s own social media platforms and much else besides (including growing the most spectacular moustache for Movember that made even Magnum look-alike Rob jealous). As Joshua says:

“2020, I see you.Today’s about clearing my mind and prioritising my planning for the year. I spent some time during December reflecting on 2019 and what I could have done better. 
With these thoughts fresh in my mind, it’s time to rock and roll. Excited for the year ahead, grateful for the opportunities, and look forward to what the horizon has in store.”

Joshua St Francis
2020 vision

Kurt doesn’t have great reception where he is, so didn’t get his pic through in time. But many of you have been following him, Tanya and Morgan on Facebook and will have seen that since turning 30 early in December, our favourite Leb has upped the ante – and living life even larger than before. What he and tanya pack in a week (and on holiday!) is astounding. After a year working with Lombard Partners, Blair Atholl and launching his Solte Salvage company, we are excited for what 2020 will bring.

Josie continues to be an amazing mother, wife and brand strategist – I remain so proud of how she seemingly effortlessly juggles it all. Today she’s got her whole family at home and two of her kids are helping dad washing his bike (one of many ….) I miss having Josie in Jozi but am excited for all she is achieving in Durban.

Blake is in Coffee Bay, Transkei – no pic as he is wearing very little and I don’t want the internet to crash. A quite day for Blake is only running/cycling/swimming for 50km and as usual he is keeping fit. He sent a message to the CN&CO whatsup team recently and in his trademark way thanked everyone for what they do for him. As always, our Cape Town mate continues to do much for all those around hm – and the environment. Blake has exciting new projects lined up for 2020 – not only supporting rowing with the PR work he dies there, but also Brownie Points and other passion projects.

Thabs (I still prefer Lethabo-Thabo #justsaying) had a productive morning working and is now taking some pool time to read and breathe before hitting the office again this afternoon to make magic with and for her clients. Note the great pedicure – and no, she can’t take credit – all that style and colour comes from her phenomenal mum Ntombi! A reminder that when you see Thabs, please chat about Arsenal!

Thabs taking a break
Thabs taking a break

Rob is newly back from Indonesia and was catching up with a school mate – in town for a short while relocating from Dubai to Australia (our thoughts are with the people of Australia during this terrible bushfire season). As Rob notes : “Even if only for short periods, always make time to (re)connect with mates”. Rob is continuing his work with ASIB and Dragon Risk whilst keeping a close watch on all things financial at CN&CO as our nominal CFO.

Ron and friend
Rob and friend

Llewellyn and Francois, part of the CN&CO events team, are driving back from Durban after a short break. They are hard at work not only on the next African Insurance Exchange, but also a wedding or two, an international artist coming to South Africa and a few other surprises #WatchThisSpace.

Llewellyn and Fracnosi driving back from Durban
Glam CN&CO events team members

Rikus is back from his USA trip and has already gotten stuck in with his events work as well as the various projects he handles for Carel. But today he is visiting his family on the farm in Thabazimbi and helping his dad fix the pool light. many of you may know Rikus has restless leg syndrome – we know he has restless everything. If he is not busy doing and fixing, he isn’t happy. The CN&CO team will soon be visiting Thabazimbi we hope – so expect some pics of our beautiful bushveld.

Rikus and dad
Rikus and dad

Colin is in the Cayman Islands with his mum, visiting his brother, sister-in-law and their kids. When he isn’t playing Scrabble with 6 year old Ruby, he is babysitting – as can be seen below ….

Gianluca remains our most stylish team member. Newly back from the Eastern Cape where he and Keshia had an amazing time, Gianluca is at home in Bryanston catching up on mails and reading the Monocle Business handbook. At this very moment he is reading about Nada Debs he tells me – founder of her own successful design business. Her story focuses on the importance of an USP in a business and authentically linking that to your identity. With the great work Gianluca does with brands ranging from Summercon, ClubMed to Bearings, I am excited to see what he and his partner in crime Thabs produce this year. We are meeting this afternoon, so I can’t wait to get the low-down!

Gianluca at home
Gianluca at home

Penny is working at home – mainly ensuring my diary is sorted and that we are ready and organised for 2020 and also handling CN&CO credit control (which she does brilliantly). With two new dogs – Jackie and Daniel – Penny had to tear herself away from her newest grandkid Callum. Wishing you and the family an awesome 2020 Penny – and I hope we get time to play more bridge!

Penny and grandson Callum
Penny and Callum
Penny's dogs
Penny’s dogs

And finally, me! I am back at EasyEquities today – and have had a good day getting my space organised, sorting mails, planning for the BIG year we have ahead of us. With nearly 300 000 users and many more coming on board via partnerships, I am beyond excited at how we are changing the face of investments in South Africa (and beyond!) With the office still relatively calm, I have taken some time to enjoy the great views of my favourite city in the world.

Carel's desk at EasyEquities
Carel at EasyEquities
Jhb views from EasyEquiies
Jozi skyline
Purple office view
Beautiful Jozi in summer

So, that’s a little taste of what team CN&CO was up to at noon. I leave you with this thought – we have a noon every day. Use it. Use all your time. Carpe Diem. Live life. Contribute. Make a difference. Serve. Be passionate and optimistic. Start. Do. Smile. Love. Have fun. Be kind.

2020 – we are coming for you!

Carel is an investor in people and businesses, believing that 1+1 = (at least) 22. Working with a few basic concepts – best encapsulated in his believe that unless we are dead, anything is possible – Carel aims to build long-term sustainable value with like-minded individuals and companies, while having (a lot of!) fun.