People power in East London – for the love of surfing

Meet Bamanye (far right) – a few months ago he was a car guard at Gonubie Beach. After a few Salty Sessions he fell in love with surfing & couldn’t stay out of the water. So we helped him out with a wetsuit and a board.

Last weekend he surfed his first surfing competition.

Photo supplied by Salty Hour

This story first broken on Sunday the 19th of January 2020 and over the last week it has been featured in numerous media publications.

Our friends at the Good Things Guy, featured the story “Car guard given free surf lesson, falls in love with the sport and starts competing!

It also made it into the Daily Dispatch newspaper.

Salty Hour is an hour of free surfing coaching by experienced surfers at specific beaches in East London and Cape Town. The benefit of surfing during this hour is that you will receive cool tips on how to improve your surfing from seasoned surfers who have many years of experience. Salty Hour was founded in 2015, Gonubie, East London. Since its first day it has captured the true essence of surfing and provide a platform for people to grow.

“Many people won’t experience the feeling of riding a wave in their lifetime. For many reasons, some obvious and some not so obvious. Fear of the unknown, fear of the ocean, poverty, no accessibility to equipment or confidence issues.” says Jono Bruton who is one of the founders of the initiative (you can read more about Jono in this blog).

At Salty Hour they broke down most of those barriers by creating an environment to educate beginner surfers about the ocean, create comfort by guiding them in the water, building confidence in the water and providing the equipment required to ride that very first wave.

Speaking of people power and East London. Keep an eye out for the action at the RMB Buffalo Regatta from Wednesday, 12 Feb through to Sunday, 16 Feb 2020.

Back to surfing and community upliftment. We salute the team at Salty Hour and applaud change they are making. We can’t wait to watch you grow into the new decade. If you would like to learn more about Salty Hour simply visit their website ( and follow them on your favourite social media platform.

Ps. If ever you in the area, why not get involved in the Salty Hour sessions. Whether you are a complete amateur or a novice surfer, test your skills and take to the water.

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