Brandon - Olympic skateboarder

How much risk should you take to earn the reward?

In the world of skateboarding and in much of life actually, the risks we are willing to take come down to the perceived reward that we will gain from the action.

“Risk and reward is EVERYTHING in my world, says skateboarding wonder-kid and 2020 Olympic hopeful Brandon Valjalo, Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little in order to gain a lot!”.

EasyEquities has teamed up Brandon to explore how he views the world of investing in relation to his skating background and calculated risk taking. Standwa Nongauza, an EasyEquities brand Rockstar,  recently had the opportunity to chat with Brandon about this very topic. They touch on the obvious links and talk about investing in brands that consistently support pro-skating, such as Monster Beverage Corp, which by the way are listed in the USA and can be bought on the EasyEquities platform. They also explore the subtle and less apparent links between the skating and investing, looking at the principle of risk and reward. 

In Brandon’s eyes a shift in perception and a bit of commitment takes the negative sense of risk out of adventure, and reward sets in. “To get to the level I am at now in my skateboarding career, it was inevitable that I would have to put my body on the line. At the time it didn’t seem worth it but now looking back I can tell you that all the risks were worth the reward.” 

Read the full blog and interview with Brandon here.

While you are at it, check out Brandon on Instagram @brands_valjalo and remember to open an EasyEquities account.

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