Kidz Clinic

Fighting child abuse and counterfeits

Make a difference in the world. Whether it’s through the work you do, your personal values, or wanting to see change. This is something we all should do more of on a daily basis.

Supporting, communicating and above all doing is the right mentality. Together with the right attitude and people, anything is possible.

One of our partners, Bearings 2000 have been busy cultivating a culture and thinking amongst their team and stakeholders to do just that. Their efforts link to their business, industry and also the people of our country.

Spreading knowledge around counterfeits

Counterfeit bearings (along with counterfeits in general) are a worldwide epidemic. The counterfeit bearings issue affects an estimated 10 to 15 percent of bearings supplied worldwide. 

Part of a company drive, the Bearings 2000 team have made it their mission to inform and keep their stakeholders updated with news around this epidemic.

Their goal is to make sure their customers are aware and provide them with as much information as possible to highlight the risks and preventative measures you can take to avoid counterfeits.

With this in mind, they recently prepared Ten essential tips to help navigate the counterfeit bearing epidemic in South Africa (click here to read).

Supporting women and men against child abuse

In line with a core value of theirs, long-term thinking, the team is passionate about continuously helping to secure a better future for fellow South Africans, especially the generations to come. One of the ways they do this is through their support towards the fight against child abuse.

In late November 2019, a number of the Bearings 2000 team spent the day at the Boksburg Kidz Clinic for women and men against child abuse. They learnt about the clinics exceptional work and the safe, welcoming and caring environment it continues to deliver in support of South African children. 

Below is a recap of the day and cause…

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