A lockdown golfing conundrum…

One of our close mates – Anne Clarke, the ladies’ captain at Parkview Golf Club – sent us the following excerpt from an article in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, which we felt was too good not to share:

We are all envious of England and its decision to allow golf to resume, albeit with restricted social distancing rules. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have declined the lifting of restrictions as they feel the timing is not yet right. As there will be no travel between these areas there will be no sneaking across the “border” for a quick 18 holes.

To make matters worse the Llanymynech Golf Club in Wales has found itself in a most confusing situation. Fifteen of their holes are in Wales, however two are in England and one begins with a tee shot in Wales and ends with a putt (or several) in England. Club management is weighing up its options at this point. They’re fearful that their members could be arrested or fined and await legal advice.

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