TED Talk Tuesday #203: Complex doesn’t equal complicated

In a world where critical thinking skills are vital to help us navigate the wealth of information at our fingertips, simplifying complexity can be useful. Check out, in less than three minutes, a few of the tips this ecologist shares.

“Ecologist Eric Berlow doesn’t feel overwhelmed when faced with complex systems. He knows that more information can lead to a better, simpler solution. Illustrating the tips and tricks for breaking down big issues, he distills an overwhelming infographic on U.S. strategy in Afghanistan to a few elementary points.”

Carel is an investor in people and businesses, believing that 1+1 = (at least) 22. Working with a few basic concepts – best encapsulated in his believe that unless we are dead, anything is possible – Carel aims to build long-term sustainable value with like-minded individuals and companies, while having (a lot of!) fun.