Neil Liddell launches a fascinating podcast about the South African cannabis industry.

A few months ago a good friend of mine was arrested. Neil Liddell has turned this super scary and challenging time into something amazing and has launched a super interesting podcast. African Gold.

Neil Liddell, founded The Haze Club (THC), one of the first cannabis social clubs in South Africa. In October 2020 his facility was raided by police, the club shut down, and Neil was arrested. While his fate, and indeed the fate of all cannabis clubs in South Africa, is currently in the hands of the courts, Neil’s future in cannabis or a life in prison lies in the balance. This period of limbo comes with a silver lining, however: time. Time to reflect on South Africa’s cannabis journey, and to consider the moments and actors that have led us to this historic juncture. In this podcast series Neil sits down with some of the leading minds, mavericks and entrepreneurs in the business and dives into their personal journeys and experiences. Some simply interesting and informative, others shocking and quite unbelievable, these are the stories that continue to shape the narrative of cannabis on the continent.

Listen to the first episode of African Gold on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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