The Good Economy for Social Employment

The Good Economy is proof that a small idea can make a BIG difference. Brownie Points, together with nine experienced partner organisations, recently launched The Good Economy, a proof of concept to meaningfully employ over 1 100 part-time participants.

What exactly is social employment?

Social employment is a term for forms of employment that are not market-based and that are not predicated on producing a market-based return, focusing instead on creating social value. Such value cannot always be monetised – even if improved social cohesion and well-being create indirect opportunities for market-based activities. The social economy includes all enterprise activity with a deliberate and focused social or environmental outcome, that combine social goals with market-based strategies. This includes, for example, ECD centres, recycling initiatives, social housing, disability employment and so much more.

Social employment is based on the belief that there is no shortage of work to be done to address the many issues South Africans are facing. This work not only supports marginalised/disadvantaged communities, but also aims to empower and upskill those who contribute to the public good. Creating social value through employment, The Good Economy aims to assist in reducing the levels of widespread poverty and associated social issues present in South Africa.

“Social employment is about more than creating jobs to address unemployment,” says Pascale Henke, CEO of Brownie Points. “It’s about empowering people with meaningful work that will benefit their mental health, giving them purpose and an income to support their family while learning new skills and addressing some of the many social and environmental challenges South Africa faces.”

Today we want to focus on three of the partner organisations that are making waves, empowering and uplifting South Africans every day. See how all the organisations are making a difference and find out how you can get involved – help is ALWAYS encouraged and is often much closer and easier than you think… visit the campaign homepage here.

The Litterboom Project is an innovative, yet simple solution that aims to alleviate the increase in marine plastic pollution, by targeting river systems. The organisation is currently active in 10 rivers around South Africa, 6 in KZN and 4 in the Western Cape. Visit their website here.

Do More Foundation inspires people and organisations to “create better tomorrows” for the young children of South Africa. Placing the young child at the centre of all that they do and by implementing various national programmes and community development initiatives, they aim to uplift vulnerable young children and families. Visit their website here.

Litter4Tokens is simultaneously preventing thousands of tons of waste from reaching the oceans, cleaning up communities and providing an income to people living in poverty. Visit their website here.

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